Poverty, or low incomes, adversely affects the quality and quantity of education in the slum communities. Most of the girls and boys are able to complete their Primary education because there has been commitment to elementary education in the recent years through the Universal Primary Education (UPE) program. This however is not the story with Secondary and Tertiary education. Seven out of ten girls in the slums drop out of school after Primary Seven due to lack of school fees, no career guidance or simply parent’s unwillingness to enroll them for further education. YSU therefore runs two programs to help increase retention. One program is Child Sponsorship, and the other is Adult literacy.

Child Sponsorship
Sponsorship funds are sourced from friends of YSU abroad to help young sportsmen and women who can’t afford to pay for Secondary School but are active in their sports, and are running programs that help their neighborhoods. The Model has been effective in helping the child and their sponsor to build a lasting friendship that is driven by a common love,sports. This encourages the child to excel both at school and in the game, they love, knowing that their education is secure. YSU started off with 3 girls in 2014 but as of 2019, we pride in 80 girls and boys currently being sponsored for their secondary school education, 10 are at the University and many have completed their Tertiary education and already have jobs.

Adult Literacy
The girls and boys in our education and skills development program have most of their parents being illiterate. The YSU team always faced a challenge with keeping the children whose parents do not value education. Also, with the skills we offer, it was a challenge for our students who could not read and write maintain and grow their businesses. YSU therefore runs an Adult Literacy program where we teach them basic Math, English and financial literacy. We believe that with this they can appreciate entrepreneurship more and have better communication skills, banking and saving skills. YSU now prides in a number of Saving groups and Cash rounds that have been started and sustained as a result of these classes.