Poverty has a negative impact on the quality and quantity of schooling in the slums. Seven out of ten slum adolescents drop out of school after Primary Seven owing to a lack of school fees, career counseling, or simply their parents’ refusal to enroll them for further education. As a result, YSU has several programs in place to aid access to and retention of children in school.

Child Sponsorship

Sponsorship monies are raised from YSU friends throughout the world to assist young athletes who cannot afford to pay for secondary school but are engaged in their sports and operating initiatives that benefit their communities. The Model has been helpful in assisting the youngster and their sponsor in developing a lasting bond based on a shared passion, athletics. This motivates the youngster to thrive in both school and the game they enjoy, knowing that their education is safe. This initiative continues to help 166 females through high school education, with 80% of them being internally displaced people.

Adult Literacy

The majority of the parents of the youth in our education and skill development program are illiterate. It is difficult to keep children in school when parents do not respect education. Basic literacy skills are provided to 68 parents and caregivers (92% refugees, 8% host community). The adult literacy program aids in the social integration of refugees into the society following their displacement. As a result of this effort, a number of Village Savings and Loans Associations have been established and maintained.